Elevate in Love – Relationship Quiz Results: 61 – 81

Couples with scores in this range often report overall satisfaction with the quality of their relationship. Although miscommunications and arguments can occur, they are effectively handled and both partners feel understood and supported. Although couples counseling may not be thought of as necessary for couples in this score range, working with a therapist can help the couple to elevate the quality and depth of their relationship and discover ways of understanding and loving each other more deeply.

Source: Funk, J.L., & Rogge, R.D. (2007). Testing the ruler with item response theory: increasing precision of measurement for relationship satisfaction with the couples satisfaction index. Journal of Family Psychology21, 572-583.

One of the most profound experiences of being human is building a lasting relationship with another person. After the period of falling in love, which is often marked by infatuation, pleasure, and joy, we eventually reach a moment where we figuratively ‘hit the ground’ and begin to see our partner more complexly and for who they actually are—which we may not always enjoy. It is during these sobering moments that the true work of relationship and love begins where a couple must put in the necessary work of elevating in love together. To learn more, you can contact Authentic Self Counseling Group at info@authenticself.group or 305.929.3598.

Score Interpretation: Score Range: 0 – 81

Disclaimer: Interpretation of the scores obtained from the Couples Satisfaction Index reflect the opinion of Dr. Daniel Sheridan and are not the interpretation of the authors of this paper.