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The decision to pursue therapy can be a life-changing experience. Past traumas, painful childhood experiences, and emotional roadblocks often prevent us from living happier lives and achieving our full, natural-born potential. A therapeutic experience, which includes a therapist’s deep understanding of your life and empathy toward your emotional suffering, can help make the life you dream of a reality. Below, you will find the ways in which Dr. Sheridan can help you to overcome your own unique challenges and live an emotionally richer and happier life.

Who does Dr. Sheridan work with?

Dr. Sheridan provides individual, couples, and group counseling services to adolescents and adults. 

What are Dr. Sheridan’s areas of specialization?

Below, you will find Dr. Sheridan’s areas of specialization. Please note, that this list is not exhaustive. If you are seeking therapy for concerns not listed below, please contact us and we will be happy to speak with you about it.

Men’s Issues2019-07-04T21:51:04+00:00

One of the greatest unspoken cultural problems in our society is the pressure and expectation of how a man should be. The concept of masculinity is problematic and has instilled cultural beliefs–starting from birth–that prevent men from living a fully-human experience. How often have we heard that men should not cry or show weakness? Or, men must be the one to provide for their families? Or even men don’t go to therapy? Growing-up within such a restrictive set of rules can create problems in romantic relationships and create the feeling that one cannot live the life he wants to live. If you are a man who would like to live a freer, happier, and more confident life, we can help.

Grief, Divorce, Breakup2019-07-04T21:52:58+00:00

The loss of someone we love–whether human or pet–is a deeply painful experience. It is during these heart-breaking times that we can feel incredibly alone and overwhelmed by sadness. More problematic is that the people we turn to for support often don’t know how to be with us in our times of grief and say unhelpful things such as “Don’t be sad, think about the good times” or “It will get better in time”. During these moments, what is most needed is someone who can be with you during your grief, help you to work through your grief, and not minimize the depth of loss that you have experienced.

Self-Destructive Behaviors2019-07-04T21:54:22+00:00

Sometimes our biggest enemy is ourselves. For unique reasons, we get in our own way and sabotage the things and relationships that are most important to us. If you have noticed self-destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors in yourself, Dr. Sheridan can help you understand how these came to be and assist you in becoming your biggest support rather than your biggest enemy.


The ability to ask for, pursue, and obtain the things we want in life is essential in meeting our needs. However, knowing what we want and how to get it is not always easy and can be fraught with anxieties, fear, and uncertainty. Perhaps you are feeling disrespected by a coworker or friend and want to address it but you don’t know how. Or, there is a job promotion you want, but worry about applying for it and competing against other people. Dr. Sheridan is here to help you obtain the things you want from life and others.

Loneliness and Social Connection2019-07-04T21:55:20+00:00

Sometimes it seems like everyone else is living a happier and more exciting life than you. Other people’s friendships and relationships seem more alive and deeper. It can feel like you’re ‘left-out’ and living in a world where you don’t belong or fit in. The feelings of loneliness and social disconnection are painful. If you would like to live a more vibrant and socially connected life, please contact us.

Sexual Orientation and Gender2019-07-04T21:55:51+00:00

Coming-out as a sexual or gender minority (e.g., lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender, genderfluid, etc.) can be one of the most important decisions a person makes in their life. Unfortunately, the path to self-acceptance and establishing a positive sexual or gender identity can be marked by painful experiences and uncertainty about the future. If you are struggling with accepting your sexual or gender identity, living openly, and/or dealing with discrimination, rejection, or bullying, Dr. Sheridan can help.

Relationships and Intimacy2019-07-04T21:56:40+00:00

Romantic relationships are difficult. The working together of two people, with unique personal histories and experiences, to create a loving and respectful relationship frequently pushes us to talk, understand, compromise, and forgive. So often, misunderstandings, difficulties in communication, and fear of being open and honest with one’s partner can erode at the quality of one’s relationship. These problems can result in uncertainty about the relationship, lack of sexual intimacy, and feeling alone in the relationship.  Whether you decide to address these issues as a couple or individually, we are here to help.

Self-Esteem and Shame2019-07-04T21:56:59+00:00

A loving relationship with yourself is arguably the most important relationship you can have because it lays the foundation for all social and romantic relationships. To be comfortable within one’s own skin, feel pride in one’s own talents and strengths, and accept one’s own imperfections and limitations allow us to be more deeply engaged in friendships and romantic relationships. Our life feels fuller when we ourselves feel fuller. If you are struggling with loving yourself or feeling positively about who you are as a person, Dr. Sheridan can help.

Depression and Anxiety2019-07-04T21:57:19+00:00

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common and debilitating mental health problems. Depression and anxiety diminish our capacity to live more fulfilling lives and can often feel impossible to overcome. Engaging in a therapeutic relationship that attends to both your symptoms and the developmental roots of your depression and/or anxiety can help you to engage more freely and joyfully in life.

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