Elevate in Love™ – Relationship Therapy for All Couples

Authentic Self Counseling and Testing offers couples therapy for those interested in working through relationship concerns and/or deepening their love and connection with each other.

One of the most profound experiences of being human is building a lasting relationship with another person. After the period of falling in love, which is often marked by infatuation, pleasure, and joy, we eventually reach a moment where we figuratively ‘hit the ground’ and begin to see our partner more complexly and for who they actually are—which we may not always enjoy. It is during these sobering moments that the true work of relationship and love begins where a couple must put in the necessary work of elevating in love together.

Our philosophy and approach in couples work is to look beyond communication skills building and homework and, instead, assist the couple in understanding how each partner both helps and hinders the other in self-actualizing to become their true selves. We all have the need to live our true self, and so importantly, have it seen and recognized by the person we love. Arguments, miscommunication, intimacy concerns, infidelity, and so many other couples issues can be understood from a perspective that the relationship is not allowing one or both partners to more fully self-actualize into their true selves.

Through assisting the couple in understanding what each partner respectively wants from the relationship and creating a space for vulnerability, understanding, and intimate connection, the concerns that initially brought the couple to counseling can become moments of tremendous growth and elevation in the quality of their relationship.

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